Spirit Animal Bookmarks – Dragonflies and Bumble Bees


Unleash the power of the Dragonfly, Damselfly, Bumble Bee, and Honey Bee with these one of a kind handmade bookmarks.

Available in 2 Finishes

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Unleash the power of the Dragonfly, Damselfly, Bumble Bee and Honey Bee with these one of a kind handmade metal bookmarks. They are available in 2 finishes, and packaged individually in an anti tarnish jewelry storage PVC zipper lock bag, with an insert that carries information on the spirit animal. Made from lead and nickel free brass and epoxy resin. These are custom made items, please allow 7 to 10 business days for manufacturing.

Information included with the Dragonfly bookmarks: The dragonfly totem carries the wisdom of transformation and adaptability. When this spirit animal shows up in your life, it’s an indication that it’s time for change. You may be called to experience yourself differently, in order to see the big picture. Dragonfly carries a powerful message on their light and iridescent wings: pursue your dreams, tomorrow isn’t promised.

Information included with the Damselfly bookmarks: The damselfly symbolizes change, transformation, and adaptability. It starts life underwater, and finishes in the air. The connection to both water and air elements makes it unique. Water is often linked to emotions, while air is associated with intellect. So the damselfly can be seen as a bridge between feelings and thoughts, encouraging us to balance our emotional and rational sides.

Information included with the Bee bookmarks: The bee symbolizes community, brightness and personal power. Moving from plant to plant, they represents the interconnectedness of all living things. The bumblebee is a messenger of the secrets of life and service. To awaken us to the moment, and to teach us to become fully engaged in our creative endeavors. The key is to focus with intention, and be single-minded in purpose.

Outer Dimensions: 1 1/8″ wide x 3 1/4″ long. Weight: 0.3 oz

All bookmarks are made to order. Manufacturing time runs between 7 to 10 business days.

These bookmarks are made to order out of Prescott, Arizona, and will be shipped directly to you.

Free Ground Shipping available on orders of $75.00 or more.


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