Spirit Animal Bookmarks – Hawks


Unleash the power of the Hawk with these one of a kind handmade bookmarks.

Available in 2 Finishes

Free Ground Shipping on orders $75.00 and above.


Unleash the power of the Hawk with these one of a kind handmade metal bookmarks. They are available in 2 finishes, and packaged individually in an anti tarnish jewelry storage PVC zipper lock bag, with an insert that carries information on the spirit animal. Made from lead and nickel free brass and epoxy resin. These are custom made items, please allow 7 to 10 business days for manufacturing.

Information included with the Hawk bookmarks: As a Spirit Animal, Hawk teaches awareness. You are now on notice that even the most ordinary of circumstances could have deeper meanings. It challenges you to get a higher perspective on something that’s been holding you back. It is also asking you to carefully re-examine the details of how you interact with others, determining who your real friends are, and if you’re a real friend to them.

Outer Dimensions: 1 1/8″ wide x 3 1/4″ long. Weight: 0.3 oz

All bookmarks are made to order. Manufacturing time runs between 7 to 10 business days.

These bookmarks are made to order out of Prescott, Arizona.

Free Ground Shipping available on orders of $75.00 or more.


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